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Desi Hatti Street Food

India is famous for its street side food, with more people eating street food than dining in a restaurant. Desi Hatti Street Food brings this traditional and authentic flavours to Stanhope.

 Desi Hatti Street Food at Stanhope Village offers eat in meals, finger food and take-home readymade meals including - Indian Sweets, Indian Ice Cream (Kulfi), Indian hot snacks: Samosa, Bread pakora, Pakora, Veg Puff Potato Puff, Cheese Puff, Plain Kulcha, Stuffed Kulcha: Potato, Cheese, Lamb, Chicken, Plain Naan, Stuffed Naan: Potato, Cheese & Garlic, Kachori. Indian Curries, Indian Chaats, and Indian Chai (Tea)

Desi Hatti Street Food Trading Hours
10am - 6pm
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