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Activated Probiotics Eczema

Did you know there's an evidence-based probiotic proven to reduce the symptoms of eczema? Introducing Biome Eczema Probiotic!

  • Single dose sachets of vanilla flavoured fast melt powder - identical to Biome Daily Kids
  • 1 sachet daily for children over 2 to adults
  • RRP $39.95


  • Reduces symptoms of mild eczema
  • Relieves itchy skin associated with mild eczema
  • Helps to reduce the occurrence of symptoms of mild eczema
  • No cautions, contraindications or toxicity

Clinical trial

  • duration was 4 months
  • found improvements in quality of life within 8 weeks
  • patients found a 53% reduction in SCORAD score
  • patients found a 55% improvement in quality of life score


Exclusive to TerryWhite Chemmart!